Five to try: Best places to eat in Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is home to over 150 restaurants and cafes, so how do you pick just one place to eat at?

That’s where we come in – here’s our guide to the five best restaurants and coffee shops in Dubai Mall, and where to find them…



Eataly pizza

If you’re searching for a hearty authentic Italian meal, there’s no better option than Eataly. It has everything your tummy could want, and more.

At first glance, you may think it’s just a shop with aisles of Italian ingredients, but walk inside and you’ll realise it’s also a restaurant (with its own Nutella bar).

Our favourites? Try the deep-fried mozzarella balls, Margherita pizza, and the spaghetti carbonara with black truffles. And if there’s any space left, satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a warm and crispy Nutella crepe.

Lower Ground floor, opposite the fountain-view restaurants.


Cereal Killer Café

Cereal Killer Cafe

Fancy some all-day breakfast? This new café is cereal-ously good.

Originally from London, the Cereal Killer Cafe has just opened up near the waterfall in Dubai Mall, and it’s delicious.

It may sound ridiculous to pay AED 35 for a bowl of cereal, that you can easily make yourself at home for much much less, but it’s all about the experience.

With kids’ beds scattered around, bright and colourful printed tables, funky milkshakes and cereals that look too good to eat, this café makes eating cereal so much more fun.

Ground floor, behind the waterfall with the divers.


By Parker’s


You cannot leave Dubai Mall without eating at Parker’s, yet you can’t eat at Parker’s without first finding the key (but pull a sad face and try your luck – they might let you in if you have a kid with you).

How to get it? Follow @byparkers on Snapchat, figure out where they’ve put the key, and search the mall to find it.

There can be a waiting line if you show up at a busy time, even if you have a key, but everything from the quality of food to the presentation is worth the wait.

It’s slightly pricey and the portions are small, but if great food is all you want – this is your place. Try the pretzel chicken strips, toffee shrimps, and all the desserts!

Second floor, next to TGIF. 050 625 5563



Markette - The Dubai Mall 2

Fancy a slightly healthier option?

We only tried out Markette because the wait for The Cheesecake Factory was way too long, and this was right next door. But we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was.

From Indian butter chicken and Asian favourites to traditional Italian and Mexican dishes, they’ve got so much on offer. Try their savoury gallettes (similar to crepes), zafran karak chai and the salted caramel banana bread pudding.

Ground floor, right opposite the Dubai Aquarium. 04 339 8173


Walter’s Coffee Roastery


If you’re not too hungry, and wouldn’t mind snacking on some coffee and cakes, Walter’s Coffee Roastery is a super cool place to check out – especially if you’re a fan of the popular Breaking Bad TV show!

Staff are suited up in yellow firemen jumpsuits, and you can watch as your coffee is concocted in Walter’s mini chemistry lab, complete with beakers and lots of smoke.

Lower Ground floor, near the exit to the fountains.


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