McDonald’s is bringing milkshakes back to Dubai

McDonalds stock image

Fast food fans, the time has come. McDonalds has announced it will start selling milkshakes in the UAE again.

From Saturday (12th August), the creamy calorie-fests will be available in all UAE branches of the burger chain (there are more than 65 in Dubai).

Chose from smooth strawberry or Chocolate Oreo, or both, which are made with a blend of ice-cream, milk and ‘mix-in’ flavours.

Chocolate milkshake McDonalds

Even Dubai long-timers can’t remember when they last supped a McDonald’s shake (“before the Burj Khalifa?” guessed one) from the regular menu. McDonald’s Arabic never made it clear why the much-loved milkshakes went away, but they were re-introduced to the UAE for a limited time in 2016 and are now hopefully here to stay.

If you’re already planning to indulge this weekend, the milkshakes are a bargain AED 11 each, or AED 5 if upgrading a regular meal deal. Sadly the calorie count is anywhere between 500 and 800 calories, depending on when you get your fitness information from. Oh, and they’re good for vegetarians, but vegans won’t be lovin’ it.

Find your nearest McDonald’s here.


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