You need to know that IHOP is now on Deliveroo

ihop stock image

Forgot chilling in the IHOP – you can now relax at home with a stack of your favourite American pancakes.

International House of Pancakes is now on Deliveroo, meaning you can order from the diner’s menu of hearty all-day breakfast treats and burgers (if you consider burgers a breakfast dish, then let’s be BFF forever).

There are IHOP branches in Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall and JBR, so if you live in the nearby delivery areas, head to Deliveroo’s website or app and get ordering.

Popular options include stacks of buttermilk pancakes (AED 34.65), chicken fajita omelette (AED 55) and hearty breakfast sampler, with hearty platter of veal sausages, beef bacon, eggs, pancakes and more (AED 49) and will set you up for whatever the day has to throw at you.

While IHOP isn’t the cheapest breakfast option in Dubai, portions are generous and remember, no-one pancakes like IHOP pancakes. Except when they burger – the chain broke the internet when it made the temporary switch to ‘IHOb’ in June, with the ‘b’ standing for burgers.



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