Could you take on this jumbo sushi challenge?

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What is heavier, a kilo of lead or a kilo of feathers? While you ponder that, let’s talk about a kilo of something that we’d all like in our lives.

The Yokozuna Challenge sets sushi lovers the task of finishing a 1kg sushi roll. Sushi is traditionally eaten in one bite, but we might have to forgo the ritual at Sumo Sushi & Bento this month.

Until 20th October, anyone who’s soy into sushi should try eating the hefty Yokozuna roll. Fit for a sumo wrestler, it’s stuffed with avocado, shrimp tempura, crab stick, tamago egg and topped with crispy sweet potato and spicy mayo – it’s going to need a vat of soy sauce and a slab of ginger. Good news vegans – you can swap out the seafood and egg for an equal weight of veggies.

The top five fastest finishers will enter Yokozuna Grand Competition and will compete against each other on 27th October 2018 to win a free sushi, cash and the title of Yokozuna Champion!

O-fish-ally, you must finish the roll within 25 minutes, otherwise you’ll pay AED 60. Anyone aged 15 or over is welcome to take part in the challenge, but under 17s must be supervised by an adult.

All 11 branches around the UAE are taking part and you can find your nearest here:

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