Dubai’s Friends style coffee shop is now open

Cross Cultural Cafe Friends

Dubai welcomes a new hang out themed around possibly the most popular TV series ever.

Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa in Al Fahidi has announced the opening of Cross Cultural Perks Café & Bistro.

If you’re a fan of the US series Friends, which launched way back in 1994, you might remember much of the action revolved around Central Perk café, where Phoebe, erm, serenaded Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Chandler.

No word on whether there’ll be renditions of ‘Smelly Cat’ but OH MY (said in Janet voice), there is an iconic orange couch to hang out on. It’s perfectly placed for a pitshop after pounding the cultural trail of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. As we enter the UAE’s Year of Tolerance, the café will promote and celebrate diversity through the medium of food.

Cross Cultural Cafe, Friends cafe

Photo credit: Aroma Kumar

Cross Cultural Perks Café & Bistro will be there for you 24 hours a day, serving Western, Emirati, Asian and Indian dishes. Yes, there is a hat tip to our favourite flatmates, with Chandler’s Coco-Choco smoothies (AED 28), Bloomingdale’s Choco Milkshake (AED 25) and an all-American breakfast (AED 40). It’s licensed too, FYI. Snippets from the 236 episode series are also shown on TVs in the café – how many have you seen?

OK, so it’s not the first-ever Friends café to open in the emirate (long-term Dubai dwellers might remember Mirdif’s Central Perk, which sadly closed in 2010).

The new eatery at the hotel near Dubai Museum and the Ruler’s Court promises a “friendly, comfortable, authentic cultural vibe” where you can watch live sports, listen to music and eat, day or night. They’ve covered our basic human right of free WiFi and there are seats outdoors and inside too.

Time to get on our Thanksgiving pants and get down there!


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