If you’re after all you can eat sushi, we know just the place

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Phot credit: Sushi Nations’ Facebook

They say it’s impossible to eat more than your own body weight in sushi. We say, challenge accepted.

The discreet lobby level restaurant near Emirates Towers Metro Station serves unlimited amounts of sushi for a very reasonable price. Every evening, pay AED 89 and graze away on a spread of rolls, hot starters and salads for as long as you like. There’s also a hot station making noodles and soups to order.

If you’re already thinking about lunch, you’re in good company, we are too. And Sushi Nation’s lunch buffet comes with an even sweeter price tag, AED 69.

Want the VIP experience? Go gold and upgrade to the AED 109 package, where you also have access to bottomless soft serve ice-cream and hot drinks, a cold fizzy drink and a plate of tuna or salmon sashimi.

Unless you have a sweet tooth or really want to pair your seafood with a machine-made karak, the entry-level package is more than enough. We eat a lot of hot fried prawn rolls, piquant seaweed salad and tempura calamari. Some of the hot snacks are a little dried out, but tasty all the same. Seafood udon with a boiled egg bobbing around is fresh and delicious.

sushi, Sushi Nations

Photo credit: Sushi Nations’ Facebook

As the name Sushi Nations suggests, this is fusion food. Brazil and Japan share a history dating back to the 1900s, where immigrant workers introduced their cuisine to the huge South American country. There are now more than 500 Japanese restaurants in the Brazilian financial centre of São Paulo, adapting the traditional combination of raw fish and rice to local tastes. Sushi Nations is a Brazilian brand, so there’s less of the raw fish and more colourful blends of cooked fillings and hot rolls.

Under a large Brazilian flag hanging over the kitchen, you can see the staff putting together the maki and nigiri. When we visit, there’s also a fair amount of laughter and dancing going on from the workforce, so it really is service with a smile.

In humble surroundings, we eat very well and, taking heed of the sign, leave hardly a scrap. Don’t, and you’re charged on the weight of what you leave behind. A la carte is available too, but with a deal so good, for us, that really would be a waste.

Prices and deals correct at the time of writing. Daily, 11.30am-11.30pm. Lunch (before 5.30pm) AED 69; AED 89 holidays, weekends and for dinner. Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area. 800 628 4667.

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