Dubai’s first art-house cinema comes to Boxpark

Quality food, insightful books, old-fashioned interiors, iconic movie posters and private screenings – The Roxy has launched a retro boutique cinema in Boxpark, and we love it!

Unlike anything else in Dubai, this is the first boutique cinema in the UAE – it’s much smaller and comes with a bistro, where you can enjoy a nice dinner or snacks.


“You see a lot of these popping up in places like the UK, where there’s a lot of culture and sophistication,” Ammar Yasin, Head of Marketing and Leisure Entertainment at Meraas, tells

He adds: “It’s not about the size and digital laser projections – it’s about an experience.”

The Roxy aims to transport moviegoers back in time, to bring back the magic of cinema – to an era when going to the movies was more than just another way to pass time on a lazy Friday afternoon.

“This is cinema as it should be – cinema as it used to be,” explains Yasin. “Where people used to actually dress up to go to the movies, not come in their chappals (Hindi for flip flops),” he laughs.

The best part is – even if the movie you chose to watch turns out to be bad, at least you can still leave with a good experience.

Roxy cinemas boxpark menu

What to expect?

The Roxy at Boxpark has only five screens, each equipped with 16-21 seats, 11 Dolby speakers, plush chairs from Italy and of course (because it’s Dubai) blankets and pillows too.

“It’s more intimate this way, and there are like-minded people, so you’ve got a lesser chance of noise and disruption,” explains Jean-Marc Bled, GM at Meraas.

And making every cinemagoer’s dream come true – The Roxy at Boxpark is currently limiting the age group to 18 and above, making sure that you won’t have loud kids and crying babies coming in and ruining your movie experience.

With all of the different ways to watch films in Dubai (4DX, fine-dining cinema concepts, etc.), The ROXY aims to put the movie experience first, not diverting one’s attention away from the film.

Screen 1

Which films can you watch?

Although the cinema is currently screening only new movies, but they will soon be organizing special screenings of old movies, independent movies, and foreign movies, and in the near future they’re hoping to offer a filmmaking masterclass, or invite local directors to present their movies there.

“We really want to transform this place into some kind of a cultural hub”, adds Jean-Marc.

On a similar note – The Roxy has met with local film club The Scene Club, as well as cultural icons and distributors of independent and classic movies.

Speaking on this, Yasin says: “Yes there are plans in the making, not just Boxpark but even for Roxy cinemas at Citywalk (which can accommodate more people), but it will take some time”.


Cinema on demand 

Ever wished a movie screening could be preponed or postponed by just an hour? Well now it can be, but it comes at a price.

One of the five screens is going to be a private 16-seater room – so all you need to do is book the room about an hour in advance, and you can decide which movie you want to watch. Luckily, the cinema has a huge repertoire of classic movies, on top of the new releases.

This allows you to “watch a movie when you want, how you want, and with who you want”.


Tickets for The Roxy at Boxpark are priced at AED 150/person – (member packages are not on offer yet, but are being looked in to).

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