The best escape games in Dubai – part two

As soon as we got news of all the new escape games popping up around town, we hurriedly donned our detective hats and accepted the challenge to complete them all.


The self-proclaimed professionals that we are have no fear because racing against the clock to escape a locked room is probably our favourite (and only) hobby.

Last time we tried out the escape games at Escape Quest, Brainscape, Claustrophobia, Braingame and Escape Hunt… (see here)

This time we check out Hint Hunt and Escape Reality.


Hint Hunt – Times Square Centre



Unlike anything in Dubai right now, Submarine is Hint Hunt’s brand new escape challenge that accommodates two entirely different games in the same room – Torpedo and Deep Down!

HH_Submarine Launch 2

We try our luck at Deep Down first – and as expected, it is really challenging (even for us). About ten minutes in, after all the obvious clues were found, we are already stuck – trying to piece them together and figuring out what the next step is.

But after a lot of trial and error, looking for clues in unconventional places, and team-work (this is so important), we finally get through the first part!

The difficulty level of the game keeps increasing by the minute, and with our time running out faster than we hope, we eventually have to use the hints provided to get us back on track.

And just when we think we were done – extremely proud of ourselves for making it out five minutes early – another task pops up out of the blue, which we finally solve only seconds before the submarine would have sank!

What we loved most about this challenge, was the mixture of tasks levels. Some were simple but needed concentration, some required a lot of hands, and some seemed confusing but the answer would be right in front of our eyes.

HH_Submarine Launch 1

Torpedo is very very different to Deep Down, but equally as fun – if not more.

We absolutely love taking on the challenges in this one, they are fun and a little more simple to solve but I think we need that after racking our brains in Deep Down!

Expect a lot more physical tasks, and a lot of team effort. In comparison, Torpedo is a slightly easier option – but it also requires a lot more thinking outside the box.

We make it out alive with only three people on our team, however we do recommend going with at least four. Unless (spoiler alert) you’re ready to use ALL your limbs.

Tip: Designed like a submarine, the ceilings are quite low so you’ll find most of the clues right in front of you. Analyze the clues thoroughly, you never know when they’ll come in handy.

In comparison to Hint Hunt’s other existing rooms, this is definitely a lot more advanced and challenging. Being trapped in a submarine also makes it eerily realistic.

We try out Hint Hunt other two rooms as well – Zen and JM’s Room.

HintHunt Dubai_Zen Room 1The Japanese-inspired Zen room is our favourite of the two.

The room is designed really well, the clues are hidden in places you’d never think to look, and the challenges are so engaging and fun to complete that it makes us want to go back and do it all over again.

A great room for beginners to try out – it’s not too difficult, but there is a lot do so you still need to be quick and alert.


HintHunt Dubai_JM's officeJM’s Room on the other hand was a little more challenging than Zen. Based on the story of a serial killer on the loose, our minds are put to the test as there is a lot more thinking and calculation involved.

Luckily, our brains are working this day and we made it out alive just minutes before the timer hit zero. Also a fun game, but one for the slightly more experienced gamers.


Hint Hunt – Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road.


Escape Reality – Indigo Sky, SZR

Officially launching to the public tomorrow, Escape Reality is the latest addition to Dubai’s plentiful escape games.

They’ve got eight rooms to try, each with a completely different theme. We try out one of the hardest rooms here – Fibonacci – which is based around a murder in an art gallery. Everything from the interiors to the challenges are designed so well.

Some challenges were easy to solve, however ten minutes in we are completely stuck and already need to use our hints. But unfortunately, not even the hints or solutions, which were as cryptic as the challenges, get us through.

In fact, we are a team of six players and we don’t even make it halfway through. Completely different from all the other escape rooms in Dubai, Escape Reality is a super challenging experience that requires you to think a lot more than usual.

As experienced as we are at escape games, we are definitely not ready to take on Escape Reality’s hardest rooms – but we will surely be back again to check out the slightly easier rooms.

Escape Reality – Indigo Building, FGB Metro station Sheikh Zayed Road.


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