Five reasons why you must visit The Void

New hyper-reality experience The Void brings the mean streets of New York to Dubai and here’s why you really need to check it out.

Words: Will Rankin

It’s a US VR game that’s based on the classic Ghostbusters films, so be prepared to do battle with the Marshmallow Man and try not to get slimed, while GPS tracking, a portable backpack PC and a vest with haptic feedback means you can ACTUALLY FEEL IT ALL.

It’s everything you dreamed of as a kid

Step inside the dome on JBR, next to the Hilton Hotel, and you are immersed in a virtual world. Whether you grew up with a Spectrum, a Sega or a Sony games machine, this is the ultimate expression of immersive gaming. The stuff you dreamt of as a kid. With big guns.


Because everyone loves Ghostbusters, right?

The Void involves undertaking five challenges, based around the original Ghostbusters movie. You don a special waistcoat, pick up a ghostbusting-gun, and step into New York, which is being overrun by spooks and ghouls. Your mission – in a nutshell – is to blast the ghosts and save the city.


Fear is fun

There’s a moment which truly spooks you – when a ghost looks you in the eye. And there’s a high platform that must be walked across – forget fear of ghosts, fear of heights is much worse.

The Void JBR

It’s too hot outside

The Void brings the outside world inside. You’ll feel the breeze over New York City, you’ll feel the splat of ectoplasm as ghosts run through you; you will feel like you are in the Big Apple, even if only for 10 minutes.


Because adrenalin is addictive

This is fast-paced, exhilarating fun. You know, at the back of your mind, that you are not in a lift, but it feels like you are in a lift. You know that ghost isn’t real, but splatting it gets the heart racing. And those wraiths? When they are clawing at the side of the building you are shooting from, you will feel every bit the Ghostbuster, for real.


The Void, JBR, The Walk. Ramadan Hours Daily 6pm-1am. After Ramadan, daily from 12pm-12am. Booking is highly recommended, via: / 800 MERAAS (637227)

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