Free fitness classes at this shopping mall

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Shopping will not be the only cardio you can do at a mall now as Mall of the Emirates is holding fitness classes all week

What’s better? There’s no charge for any of them, because it’s all part of the‘MOE active workout programme’ to help us shape up in the summer.

Yep, while it’s too hot to exercise outdoors, the huge mall in Al Barsha is putting on daily classes every weekday before its shops open.


Pick a class, register online and head to the Ski Dubai foyer for 8.30am.

Here’s your fitness itinerary for the week:

  • Sunday: Mall Walkers – Basic but lots of a fun, the long corridors of shopping malls are perfect to walk or jog through with a buddy.
  • Monday: Mall Circuit – This is going to be more advanced and will comprise of interval training, alternating high- and low-intensity activity to burn fat.
  • Tuesday: FlyWheel- MOE is also teaming up with FlyWheel to hold sessions with coaches from the  world’s most passionate indoor cycling community.
  • Wednesday: FlyBarre- Hopping off the bike and onto the mat, FlyBarre is total-body sculpting class that blends light weight training with core strengthening exercises.


Refuel post-workout at one of these tasty breakfast spots


Taqado Mexican Kitchen


More Café

A decadent English breakfast will replenish flagging protein levels, or stay healthy with cottage cheese and rye bread.

From AED 39. 8am-11pm. Level 2 expansion. 04 3474696



America’s favourite pancake chain also serves waffles, different varieties of eggs, and naughty but nice French toast.

 AED 33 for a short stack of original pancakes. 8am-1am. Near food court, level 1. 04 3850891


Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Spicy chorizo burrito, Mexican hash or organic eggs and huevos rancheros is all the breakfasts of champions at this smart diner, where the coffee is also pretty good.

From AED 25. 8am-midnight. East food court, ground floor. 04 385 1171.


St Tropez Bistro

Upscale bistro that boasts a mouthwatering breakfast menu of Eggs Royal, Croque Monsieur, homemade crepes and more.

From AED 30. 10am-12 midnight. Near Ski Dubai. 04 341 3415


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