Challenge your inner warrior and sign up for the Desert Warrior Challenge

The annual Desert Warrior Challenge is back for its fourth year with more fun in store, grueling obstacles and adrenaline-pumping challenges to overcome.

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Taking place in on 20th October, the series of hurdles at the Desert Warrior Challenge are designed to test your physical strength, mental toughness, agility and team working skills – by putting you in situations where you will have to swing, slide, fall down, get back up, pull and push your way to the finish line.

Sounds fun? It most definitely is, but it also requires a lot of work. For those who are up for the challenge, the full obstacle course in the sands of Dubailand requires you to pass through military-inspired hurdles including The Monster, ¼ Pipe, The Beast and Cargo, just to name a few.

Warriors can expect to be running up slopes, jumping in to muddy water, climbing up cargo nets and so much more.

Last year, the race was cancelled due to bad weather conditions, so let’s all hope for clear skies this time around.


Ready to get in to beast mode? Unleash the warrior in you and enroll yourself in a team suitable for your age, skill set and fitness level:

  • Junior Warrior- 1-2 KM, for ages 6-15 with over 8 obstacles.
  • Fearless Warrior- 5 KM, for ages 16 and above with over 12 obstacles.
  • Ultimate Warrior- 10KM, for ages 16 and above with over 20 obstacles. (Main event)

The point is to work as a team, push your limits and strive to survive to cross the finish line with your battle scars, gaining a feeling of accomplishment like no other.

Other races to look out for:

Spartan Race

If you’re a huge fan of obstacle races,  you can also register for the XDubai Spartan Race, taking place in Hatta on 10th November. The Spartan Race involves 30-35 challenging obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty, ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances, spread across 30kms.

Don’t forget to scream ‘AROOOO’ like a true Spartan while battling the obstacles. Read more about it here.

spartan race dubai

Or if you’re looking for something a lot less intense, but still fun, sign up for The Color Run taking place on 11th November. The health-promoting event is also known as Happiest 5k on the Planet.

With happiness being the main theme, it’s a colourful paint race (basically like the Indian festival Holi, but while running), where runners run though dreamy colours and along the course. Participants are also encouraged to paint their aspirations on a Dream Wall, snap whimsical photos with giant unicorns, and party with friends at the Finish Festival amidst vibrant bursts of colour throws. Sign up at

So jump on the bandwagon and round up your squad to participate in at least one of these events taking place towards the end of 2017.


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