The Shangri-La Dubai is claiming the ultimate in lavish NYE celebrations

New Year's Package

Would you like uninterrupted views of the Burj Khalifa’s hypnotic New Year’s Eve firework display? How about a decadent menu offering caviar and oysters, wagyu strip loin and foie gras?

Here’s how to do it for you and 19 of your most deserving friends and family – head along to the lovely people at Level 42 Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai and hand over the trivial sum of AED 100,000.

shut up and take my money

We probably should have got to that part slightly earlier, yes.

If like us, your bank balance is hovering a little lower than that, and in the absence of spontaneous wealthy benefactors, we will have to imagine the scene in our dreams. However, if you do have AED 100,000 to spend it would most certainly be a fantastic way to see in 2018.

It did get us thinking though, what else could we spend AED 100,000 on to celebrate the new year?

We’re fine dining, alone…

Fancy food is all well and good if you’re in the mood, but sometimes you just have a hankering for chicken nuggets. UberEATS has started delivering McDonald’s in Dubai and you can get a nine-piece set of nuggets for AED 10. Which means: AED 99,995 (deducting AED 5 for delivery) will get you 89,991 nuggets, with AED 5 left over for a double chocolate cookie. Because, it’s New Year’s after all?



Your chariot awaits…

How about that car you always wanted? We hopped over to everybody’s favourite online car marketplace, Dubizzle to see what our dirhams could get us in terms of swagged-up break horse power.

It turns out, it can actually get you quite a bit. If you want to spend NYE luxuriating in that new (to you) car smell, you can have your pick of 2015 model muscle cars; tricked out Camaros and Mustangs. If reinforced personnel carriers are how your prefer to do the school run – they have Hummers within budget. They even have a few five litre Jaguars and AMG spec Mercedes Coupes. Just remember the golden phrase: “What’s your last price?” The sellers love it.

new car gif


New year, new sea

What if you fancy setting sail for a nautical new year? We checked out what sort of vessel 100,000 pieces o’dirham would buy us for the night.

ShortlyXclusive Yachts will receive a consignment of new 90ft Versace yachts, decked out with all the opulent splendour one might expect with a venture attached to that particular name. The cost for hiring one for this special night is AED 75,000, but that doesn’t include catering so you’ll have to BYOFG (bring your own foie gras).

Maybe don't do this if you want your deposit back

Maybe don’t do this if you want your deposit back


The true spirit of NYE

New Years Eve is a great excuse to party, and nobody should be allowed to tell you how to spend your own money. Quite often grouping together to share costs between a large circle of friends can make high value activities more obtainable. But the most important part is who you choose to share the celebrations with. BFFs and family are worth their weight in gold (nuggets).


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