A virtual reality park is opening in The Dubai Mall

Emaar Entertainment announces VR Park

A huge virtual reality zone is coming to world’s biggest mall.

New technology that allows us to move around a virtual ‘world’ might make our lives more fun or turn them into THAT episode of dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror.

Fortunately Emaar Entertainment’s VR Park sounds like it’s definitely going to fall under the former. Creators say the entertainment hub will #ChallengeReality with “games, rides and experiences to suit all ages” covering genres including horror, leisure and adrenalin.

Set to open in the first half of 2018 across two levels of the mall, the park will combine Augmented Reality (think Pokemon Go), Virtual Reality and experiential attractions to create “game-changing experiences..wholly immersive rides, educational journeys and interactive games” that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Many of the attractions will be set up for more than one player, so visitors can enjoy the experience with family and friends .

No firmer details as yet (the promo video is slick though), other than the promise of an “unbelievable” rollercoaster and PVRK Café serving “out-of-this-world treats.”

Updates at vrparkdubai.com

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