Dubai Police needs your help solving this ‘crime’

Mock Crime Scene Mall Dubai Police-min

Fancy yourself as a bit of a detective?

Dubai Police have created a mock crime scene at Mirdif City Centre for you to test your powers of deduction.

Reckon you could rattle off a couple of apt one liners after finding a clue, like CSI Miami’s Horatio Caine? You’ve got today to try it out.

Probably because they’re more likely to have watched all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, young people especially are being asked to turn super sleuths. However old you are, Major General Rashid Hamdan Al Ghafari, Chairman of Dubai Police Academy, says would-be detectives need to use “professional thinking” and should “link evidence and draw conclusions” to solve the crime.

The winners will receive prizes and a visit to the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and Criminology at Dubai Police.

Pro tip for all you would be Marples and Poirots out there, Sherlock Holmes always used to say  “eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” If the truth is that you’re not in Mirdif this weekend, then the crime scene theatre could be coming to a mall near you very soon.

Free. Friday 2pm-12am (10th August only). City Centre Mirdif. 04 602 3000.

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