The 10 best bargains available at Daiso right now

Daiso Japan

Daiso Japan is the Arch Duke of discount household items, selling everything from great value beauty products to decorative items, office supplies and cat-eared iPhone cases.

We’re always popping-in to kit-out the kitchen or buy last minute presents that look a lot more expensive than they are. But these are the top 10 products available in the OG little curiosity shops, as purchased by customers here in the UAE.

10) Rainbow Springs (Round, Heart & Star)

‘Rainbow Springs,’ sounds like the name of the place unicorns are born. And… Everyone loves a…. springy child’s toy. This colourful plastic spring apparently encourages bilateral development during play – can it walk down a flight of stairs like its ‘slinkier’ cousin? Literally no idea – but at AED 7.35, we’re ok with Dalek-esque limitations. Price AED 7.35

9) Foot care mask sheet

Our feet don’t get enough credit. Each day they put in an absolute shift with no expectation of reward. Why not surprise your ambulatory appendages with a handy, super budget-friendly pedicure? For less than 10 dirhams a pop, every night can be spa night. Not a fan of pedicures? Still a great way to get around faster on slippy tiles. Price AED 9.50

8) 50 ml atomizer sprayer 

Handbag space is premium real estate – and this handy little bottle allows you to decant perfumes and other sprays into a fun-size little unit. It’s also particularly handy for air travel where some airports restrict liquid container sizes in hand luggage to 100 ml. Price AED 7.35


7) Magic light pen

Disclaimer- not actually magic. But it does do a pretty good job of simulating those Hogwarts vibes. Also it kinda feels like something Q might give to James Bond, after the tricked-out Aston Martin and explosive watch. Write your secret message in the pen’s invisible ink, then simply use the in-built torch to illuminate the text and ‘solemnly swear that you’re up to no good.’ Price AED 9.50

6) Manganese Battery R6OU 8P

Any parent will tell you that a good portion of their annual income goes on batteries. Mum should have gone to Daiso. Eight batteries for less than one dirham each. Which is the minimum necessary for any RC device these days. Price AED 7.35

5) Paper Box Square-Craft Plain

The mystery box. What will you put in it? Craft items? Chocolate? Schrödinger’s quantum phasic cat? Hope? One dirham batteries? Assorted correspondence? The choice is quite literally yours. Price AED 9.50

4) Duck Stick Bubble Blower

Just as surely as the plains of the Sahara love rain, kids love bubbles. This particular bubble receptacle also comes with a cute little plastic duck on the top, because Japan. Price AED 9.50

3) Fusil Sticking Hook

An alternative to nails and deposit disputes with your landlord. The Fusil Sticking Hook will stick to a range of surfaces and can carry around 6kgs of mass. That’s equivalent to rucksack filled with a gallon of custard, a particularly sedentary cat or three medium-sized chihuahuas. Price AED 7.35

 2) Razor L Type 3p

This type of razor is useful for people looking to style their eyebrows on the go. Although not on the metro, please. And whilst the current trend is stack those brows high, there is a limit. A permanent look of surprise is the objective of very few beauty tutorials. Price AED 7.35

10) Bubble Bubble

We have already established that kids LOVE bubbles – this product gives you four bottles for less than 10 dirhams. Looking for a great way to fill up children’s party bags? Bubbles. An alternative to wedding confetti? Bubbles. Or even the perfect stage-accompaniment for a tale of whimsy? Budget bubbles are your buddy. Price AED 9.50.

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