How to meet the wildlife of Dubai’s The Green Planet

New creature meet and greets bring us even closer to nature at the Green Planet.

The immersive indoor rainforest in City Walk has launched a series of animal encounters that are making visits even wilder.

Ever wanted to get cosy with a chameleon? How about snuggling up to a sloth? Is posing for a selfie with a python on your bucket list? The Green Planet offers nature lovers the opportunity to get face-to-face with some of the cutest and most curious creatures on earth.

Visitors can book a range of ‘Meet & Greets’ and ‘Encounters’ to make their trip to the biodome an unforgettable animal adventure.

You can have a 20-30 minute Encounter with birds; reptiles; bugs; sloths; and sugar gliders. If you don’t know what a sugar glider is, Google them – they’re natures own cure for a ‘case of the Mondays.’ Encounters take place at specific times and can involve activities like touching and even feeding. They’re priced from AED 283 (including admission to The Green Planet) if you book online.

The Meet & Greets are brand new. They’re shorter, 10-minute interactions with either snakes or lizards and they start from AED 183 (including admission).

There are more than 3,000 plants and animals at this unique attraction and you can interact with many of them inclusive in the cost of entry. For example, fearless visitors are welcome to check out the piranha feeding frenzy (daily at 4pm) at no extra charge. You can also pay a visit to the cute loved-up Lorises lurking around the lower canopies.

The Green Planet has just launched an unlimited entry pass for the summer.

From 1st July-30th September, UAE residents can access the bio-dome as much as they like, from AED 374 for kids and AED 394 adults (AED 394 and AED 410 at the gate).

One-off visit AED 99 (AED 125 at the gate). 10am-7pm daily. The Green Planet can be found in City Walk.

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