6 big reasons your destiny lies at Global Village this week

Global Village has returned for a brand new season of affordable, family-friendly feels, boundless bargains, spectacular shows and a cunningly collated collection of eateries.

The new season, operating under the theme “Create a World of Everlasting Memories” stretches all the way to April 2020 – but what’s new in the wholesome wonderland?

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum attraction

Visit six galleries and over 200 exhibits celebrating the curious, the eccentric and the downright bizarre. Artifacts like a floating hand-carved wooden Ferrari, a gigantic Megalodon shark jaw and a large iron Gibeon meteorite. The public’s one-word reviews are in, and so far it’s been rated as ‘woah,’ ‘eh’ and ‘🤯.’

New Indian Chaat Bazaar with authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine

They’ve got the moreish Bosnian kebabs, the pasta tossed in the wheel of cheese, the karak, awamat, and those weird twisty potato things that we’ve never tried but seem to pop-up in the most random of places. Now, there’s a bazaar dedicated to the Indian street food staple, chaat. We’re coming up so they better get this chaaty party started.

New Carnaval Funfair comes to life with new rides

The Carnival element of Global Village is a firm fan favourite, particularly for those of us that like to dabble in thrill. This year there’ll be five new experiences, including a new suspended suspenseful coaster called, Transylvania Towers; a wild wave-based ride called Miami Surf; Moscow Max – a gyroscopic jet simulator that pulls some hard Gs; scream if you want the Manila Mayhem to spin faster; or if you prefer your rides a little more civilised… there’s a new Tea Cup ride *raises pinky finger*

New Korea and Azerbaijan pavilions

We’re not sure what’s for sale here? K-Pop and carpets? Cosmetics and horse saddles? Wild conjecture and cultural stereotypes? Literally no idea but we’re excited to find out.

Global Village

Global Village to present over 40,000 live shows

In addition to the roster of returning shows that includes the (updated and enhanced) petrol-driven drama of the motor Stunt Show and Bollywood dance extravaganzas, there’s a wealth of new theatrical riches. K-Pop Krazy (coincidence? We think not); The Enchanted Forest; Battle for the Block; Cityjam; Fiestaval; Ballet Revolución and African Footprint. Not to mention the weekly fireworks and calendar of global music talent. It’s showbusiness as usual at Global Village.


Global Village dishes multiple weekly doses of fireworks, but National Day is an opportunity to really let those colours burst. Catch a special ‘dialled up to 11’ show at 9pm on the 2nd December.

From 29th October, 2019. Exit 37 Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Tickets from AED 15. Open 4pm-2am Thursday/Friday and 3am Saturday. www.globalvillage.ae

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