MOVIES: James Bond goes back to basics for Spectre

The filmmakers behind the new James Bond movie Spectre, inspired by the older Bond films from the sixties, have chosen to work with a slightly different style this time around – bringing back some classic elements.


One example is that Spectre will see James Bond in a snow chase sequence, the first snow scene since Die Another Day.

Conscious of all that had been done for the previous Bond movies with snow scenes, the team wanted to break out of their comfort zone and try out something new for a change. “We wanted to do something different from being in bobsleighs or using any of the usual winter sports. Hence, we had a different kind of chase, with aeroplanes and 4x4s,” says producer Michael Wilson.

In fact, one of the biggest challenges was that the set location had no ice or snow, so they had to create it. 400 tonnes of man-made snow was used to cover the hillside, which would normally be blanketed in white.

One of the main action sequences in Austria proved to be very complicated, technically. “We had planes hanging on high wires, going down the hill using its engines to propel itself,” says special effects expert Chris Corbould. “Hence, we built planes that had skidoos inside so they are actually being driven.”

Corbould and his team used eight different planes that were involved in a number of separate rigs. Two could actually fly, two were fitted to the wire rig, and four were carcasses fitted with hidden skidoos, which the stunt team could use to drive the plane down the mountainside.

Director: Sam Mendes
Starring: Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci
Running Time: 150 mins. Rating PG13

Spectre releases in all leading cinemas in the UAE on Friday, November 6th at 00:01. Please check your local cinema for schedules. 

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