MOVIES: Steve Jobs – an inventor or orchestrator?

Although the movie received a lot of negative criticism on all counts, Steve Jobs is much more than a biopic of one of the world’s greatest inventors, or orchestrators.


Michael Fassbender plays the role of Steve Jobs in the new Steve Jobs movie, alongside Kate Winslet as Joanna and Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak.

The script is about much more than Steve Jobs as a person. He’s changed one of the most vital things in our lives, the way we communicate, and the movie is about how one person who was able to propel individuals and groups to create.

“Danny and I were adamant that we weren’t looking for a Steve Jobs impersonation, a Steve Wozniak impersonation, a John Sculley impersonation,” says screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. “As I’ve said, Steve Jobs announces itself early on as being a painting and not a photograph.”

One of the scenes in the film shows a confrontation between the two Steves: “What do you do? You’re not an engineer,” Rogen’s character says to Fassbender. “You’re not a designer. You can’t put a hammer to a nail. I built the circuit board. The graphical interface was stolen. So how come, 10 times in a day, I read Steve Jobs is a genius? What do you do?”

“Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra,” Fassbender responds simply.

Although Wozniak admitted in a recent interview that those were not words he would have used. “The lines I heard spoken were not things I would say but carried the right message, at least partly,” he added. “I felt a lot of the real Jobs in the trailer, although a bit exaggerated.”

Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen
Running Time: 120 mins. Rating PG15

Steve Jobs releases in leading cinemas across the UAE today. Please check your local cinema for schedules. 

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