MOVIES: Marriott movie Two Bellmen Two films in Dubai

Seems even the hotels in Dubai are getting in on the movie-making buzz that’s surrounding the emirate.

Two Bellmen Two is a short film from JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Marriott International’s Content Studio – that’s right, the global hotel chain has its own film studio.

Movie buffs might have picked up that this is a sequel to the original Two Bellmen, where two hotel bell hops energetically try to foil a jewellery heist. The short film debuted in March 2015 and to date has clocked up an impressive 5.1 million viewers on YouTube.

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto

The comedy action followup see our two bellmen on the move again, as they race through the streets of Dubai on horse, jet ski and even skateboard to rescue a confidential presentation for a high-powered businesswoman, played by Slumdog Millionaire Star Freida Pinto.

Filming has already taken place on location in Dubai and was on set to catch up with one of the two Hollywood stuntmen playing the titular bellmen.

William Spencer has earned the title ‘skateboarding’s only stuntman’ when he fused skating with parkour. You might have seen his daredevil moves as Andrew Garfield’s stunt double in action hero flick Spiderman and Spiderman Two and the You Tube channel dedicated to his crazy stunts (do NOT try these at home, kids).

Speaking about the reprisal of his less supernatural role, William, from Colarado, said: “It’s kind of like Rush Hour meets Die Hard.

“Two Bellmen Two is more about seeing them out of the hotel and around the country.

“You see bellmen all the time and you don’t think about them. Being a believable character was a big responsibility. The humour a lot of the time is that you don’t think they are capable of being heroes – like Jackie Chan. He’s been doing that for years.”

But like a true hero, does he get the girl, i.e Miss Pinto?

“That would have been easy,” he laughs, “to do the love story.”

Let’s wait and see…

Appearing with him on the silver screen are fellow stuntman Caine Sinclair, Dubai comedian Ali Al Sayed and world champion free runner Daniel Ilabaca.

This is the fourth original short film for the studio and apparently Two Bellmen Three is already in planning – but that will be shot in the Asia-Pacific region.

Two Bellmen Two is being produced in partnership with Substance Over Hype and slated for ‘multi-platform release’ next year, so you might see it in your local cinema, but you can also catch it at and on You Tube.

How many of Dubai’s iconic landmarks will feature in Two Bellmen Two? We can’t wait to find out!

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