FAMILIES: Taj Mahal comes to Legoland Dubai

LEGOLAND® Dubai celebrates Independence Day of India by unveiling the Taj Mahal LEGO® model as it moves into its home at MINILAND

Legoland Dubai celebrates Indian Independence Day in pretty grand style – by unveiling the Taj Mahal.

It’s not the real Indian landmark, of course, but a pretty cool replica that’s going to be in Legoland Dubai’s Miniland.

Dubai’s Taj is made of 280,741 Lego bricks (we wouldn’t fancy standing on those) and weighs more than 280,000 kg – not really that mini, is it?

While the real-life Taj Mahal took more than 20 years to build, this almost as impressive version was put together in 2,019 hours using white Legoland bricks with flashes of gold, black and red.

Legoland Dubai officially opens on 31st October as part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts theme park and we’ve already had a sneak peek of the awesome Red Dragon and its rollercoaster.

When it opens, the Taj will be just one of 15,000 Lego models made from a whopping 60 million bricks.

They’ll cover six themed areas – Factory, Lego City, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland – along with more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions, including the trademark Legoland Castle

To buy annual passes or explore Legoland Dubai, visit  www.Dubaiparksandresorts.com


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