There’s a new way to pay for your RTA taxi journeys


The RTA has announced another wave of ‘Smart’ upgrades to their fleet of taxis – contactless payment via mobile phone.

Mobile wallet technology is experiencing exponential growth across the world. Both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have seen transaction numbers increase up to 450 per cent, year on year from 2016 – 2017, with the trend expected to proliferate further this year.

It seems, ‘making it rain’ is far more convenient from a virtual wallet than from your physical one.

The amount of outlets offering the popular point of sales (POS) service have been rapidly increasing too. And now around 8,000 RTA taxis can count theirselves among the technologically advanced service providers – by accepting both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Upgrading the fleet will be an ongoing process and is part of a wider commitment to the Dubai Government’s ‘Smart City’ initiative.

The goal here is to provide customers with “smooth payment options that raise their satisfaction and happiness” said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency.

Other POS card payment options and cash transactions are, of course, still available. There’s now just one more way to square the fare. Which is great, because we’ve all experienced the wave of guilt from pulling out a AED 200 note to pay a charge of AED 15 and seeing the driver’s face go through all seven stages of grief.


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