There’s an extra day of free parking in Dubai this week

 parking Dubai

Good news – no paid parking in Dubai on Thursday.

Planning a trip out today to mark the long weekend for Islamic New Year? Take the car and you’ll probably won’t have to pay for parking.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that parking meters will be suspended on the Hirij New Year 1440. RTA parking is usually free on Fridays anyway, so that’s two days of money saving. You’ll still need to pay at multi-storey car parks and fees will be reactivated on Saturday, 15th September.

Dubai Metro is running later on Thursday, so there’s more time to make the most of your time off. Red Line stations will be in operation from 5am to 1am (the following day). Green Line stations will be operational from 5.30am Thursday to 1am Friday. Catch the Dubai Tram on Thursday between 6am to 1am.

Bus and marine transport timings will also be altered and customer happiness centres are closed for the long weekend.

Both public and private sector workers will enjoy a day off on Thursday, 13th September to mark the new Islamic year 1440 AH. That means if you don’t usually work on Friday and Saturday, you’ve got a full three days off.

For other public transport timings, check out at the RTA’s website.

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