Dubai Police could use a hot air balloon to track offenders

hot air balloon Dubai stock image

Dubai Police are well known for their ostentatious collection of high speed supercars, but they could soon have a more sedentary way to fight crime.

A brainstorming session of the young leadership of Dubai Police came up with the bright idea of a solar-powered hot air balloon to survey security conditions from above, just like in our mocked up picture.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police (pictured), listened a number of suggestions presented by different departments and police stations.

Dubai Police hot air balloon

Other innovative ideas floated include an environment-friendly police vehicle that runs on solar energy, plans for volunteer policeman (perhaps like the Special Constables scheme that runs in the UK?), robots for monitoring the traffic violations (pretty likely, given how keen Dubai is on artificial intelligence) and setting up ‘smart’ police stations.

Major General Al Marri praised what he called “outside of the box” ideas, so let’s see how many of them come to fruition.






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