Eating at the wheel won’t net you a fine – but WhatsApp will

stock image eating driving

Like to snack on the go? Motorists who munch or sip at the wheel will not face fines under new traffic laws set to come into effect on 1st July.

Announced by Dubai Police on social media, eating and drinking on the road is not prohibited under the UAE’s new traffic legislation, although drivers are urged to avoid any activity which may distract from following good driving practice.

But if you’re thinking of WhatsApping at the wheel, think again, as texting, calling and any other distraction from the road could net drivers a AED 800 fine.

So if you enjoy your morning karak while cruising down the Sheikh Zayed Road, that’s not illegal, but please keep your eyes on the road.

The new traffic legislation will also include fines for failure to wear seatbelts, jumping a red light and driving dangerously.

It’s part of a bid to cut the number of deaths on the UAE’s roads, which rose to 725 in 2016, up from 675 in 2015.

Next month another new traffic law comes into force, making drivers responsible for passengers belting up and children under four must be sat in proper child seats too, not on their parents’ laps.

Drivers who fail to comply will face a AED 400 fine and four black points.

To keep up to date on the latest announcements, you can follow Dubai Police here.


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