UAE’s first Robocop joins Dubai Police to fight crime

Dubai Police have recruited a robotic cop to join the police force, and he’ll be hitting the streets tomorrow!


With an in-built emotion detector, and the ability to recognize human gestures and facial expressions, Robocop is now ready to engage with the residents and tourists on the city’s streets.

No joke – try taking a selfie with him, and he will respond with “Say cheese, smile for the camera!”

The country’s first Robocop, versions of which will eventually be used to chase down suspects and nab parking fee dodgers, joined Dubai Police on Sunday and will head out to the streets of Dubai from Wednesday.

Want to meet him? Robocop’s first posting will be malls and tourist attractions. Using the touchscreen on its chest, the public will also be able to report crimes, pay traffic fines, or just have a chat.

With the help of artificial intelligence and the latest technology, Robocop will be also able to help Dubai fight crime by identifying offenders, stream live video updates to Dubai Police through its built-in cameras, and help the people feel safe.

Plans for future versions include installing facial-recognition systems to identify suspects.


“This is the official launch of our first Robocop,” said Brig Khalid Al Razooqi, Dubai Police director general of smart services.

“Now most people visit police stations or customer service, but with this tool we can reach the public 24/7.”

Currently, the bilingual Robocop can communicate in Arabic and English, however languages such as Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish will soon be added to Robocop’s vocabulary.

We’ve already got robotic cops, so what’s next?

Bigger and better robots.

The next batch of robots will be used to tackle crime and misdemeanours. There are plans over the next two years for the world’s largest robot, which can run at 80kph. The three-metre tall robot will carry heavy equipment and will be manoeuvred by a police officer seated in a cabin inside.

An egg-shaped robot will be used in parking areas to issue warning about traffic violations, and self-driving motorcycles could also be sent out.

The aim is for about 25 per cent of the force to be robotic by 2030, to enable police to focus on crime prevention. Police data from the robot will also be shared with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority to predict traffic bottlenecks.

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