Dubai Metro will get 50 new trains and an upgrade

There will be 50 more trains added to the Dubai Metro, as part of the Route 2020 project

Words: Shreya Pilo

Dubai Metro rush hour

Only 15 of these trains will serve Expo 2020, while the remaining 35 trains will be added to the existing route to better the service.

But that’s not all – the new Dubai Metro trains are also getting an upgrade! The train’s interiors will be slightly modified, however the exterior look and design of the train will remain the same to preserve its familiar identity.

A delegate from the RTA flew down to France to check on the progress of the trains, which are being constructed by The French ALSTOM Company.

If you normally sit or stand in a particular designated area, here are a couple of changes to note. The section dedicated to ladies and children will be relocated to the last carriage of the train, while the first carriage will be reserved for Gold Class. Everything else in between will be for Silver Class commuters.

New designs will be implemented to revamp the interior of the trains – including altering the handles, lighting, and locations of modern digital signage systems.


The original metro map will be upgraded to an illuminated dynamic map, showcasing the metro routes and stations using an LED power-saving lighting system. Designs for luggage compartments are being drawn to better suit standing commuters, and carriages will be customised for smooth boarding and alighting.

Exited for the new additions to the Dubai Metro? If not, here’s more info that will hopefully increase the excitement…

Besides the 50 new trains, Dubai Metro is also getting new Metro stations. The new Route 2020 extends 15km from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Metro Station on the Red Line, and comprises of seven stations, including two underground stations!

When Route 2020 is complete, it is expected to carry about 46,000 commuters per hour, with numbers expected to rise up to 275,000 till after Expo 2020 is over.



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