The new eVisa is going to make Oman a lot easier to visit

There’s a new eVisa service that’s been implemented by the Sultanate of Oman, with the hopes of boosting its tourism sector.

Words: Tally Sargent

Through the new eVisa system, Oman now allows tourists from 67 countries, as well as GCC residents employed in 116 professions, to get a tourist visa online.


Saving you time at the border, the new eVisa consists of filling in some online forms, attaching the necessary documents, and paying an online fee. Applicants will then receive an email notification with their tourist visa.

The Director General of Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Tourism in Oman, Salim Adi Al Mamari, says “The Sultanate’s announcement of the eVisa system will ensure the continuous growth of Oman’s tourism sector in the coming years”.

Of late, the cost of a tourist visa for Oman has skyrocketed from OMR 5 (AED 47), to OMR 20 (approx. AED 190). But the good news is – it’s now valid for 30 days instead of 10.

Ultimately, applying for a tourist visa online will make travelling to Oman a lot easier. It will also make it simpler for the government to keep track of the various nationalities entering the Sultanate.

“Last year, the number of tourist arrivals reached three million, and is expected to rise to more than four million by 2020”, says Mamri

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You can apply for your visa online, here.


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