Five reasons why traffic in Dubai is going to improve

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Traffic and heat are two things that we love to complain about. While there’s not much that can be done about the heat, plans are being put in place ease congestion on Dubai’s roads.

Words: Vanisha Rajesh

Five projects are rolling out right now and – great news – they’ll be completed by the first quarter of 2018.

As part of Roads and Traffic Authority’s (RTA) Strategic Plan, traffic in areas with most congestion has been examined and changes are a-comin’. Watch the video below to find out more:

These five roads are in for some attention:

  1. Al Khail Road: This already busy road will be expanding as fourth lane is added between Meydan Road and before Dubai Mall Bridge on the northbound side towards Sharjah,  This means an extra 1,800 vehicles per hour will be able to cruise down the highway.
  1. Exit at intersection of Hessa and Al Khail Road: What’s the solution here? Easy, make the road two lanes instead of one and consequently ease the jam.
  1. Road parallel to Al Khail Road: Another lane will be added to the distributor road parallel to Al Khail road at the intersection with Hessa Road (that’s inbound from the Sheikh Zayed Road to Sharjah). This arrangement will double the capacity of the road and hopefully smooth traffic flow.
  1. Roundabout on Road 46: A roundabout will be added on Road 46 at Al Mamzar in Deira to offer a way for residents to easily exit the area. Also, the RTA will be widening the filter lane where Business Bay Road meets with Al Saada Road from two to three lanes.
  1. Al Quoz Industrial Area: Three intersections at Al Qouz Industrial Area will be improved; the number of lanes lanes will be increased and service roads will be constructed to reduce congestion there.

Of course, with road works there are bound to be diversions. As yet, we don’t know when and exactly where they will be, but as soon as we get the details, we’ll share them with you. For now, we’re happy that there is a beacon of hope that the traffic will soon be flowing more smoothly in these major areas!

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