Wash your cars or risk a hefty fine, drivers warned

dirty car stock image

Ever come back to your car after a holiday to find a cheeky ‘wash me’ scribble on your dusty motor? Now that could be accompanied by a fine.

Words: Vanisha Rajesh

Yep, if your car is considered especially unsightly, you may end up with an official warning under your windshield wiper that could lead up to a charge or even your car being towed away.

The Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality wants to drive home the campaign message to raise awareness about abandoned and dirty cars, which it says “are a potential breeding ground for stray animals and a haven for criminal activities”.

From the start of 2016 to the end of June 2017, 37,347 warnings have been issued to the owners of dirty cars parked on interior roads, giving them up to 15 days to clean up their act.

Ignore warnings and your car could be towed away, leaving you with fines, storage charges and towing fees adding up to hundreds and thousands of dirhams. So far, 4,930 cars have already been towed and impounded.

So if you are planning a vacation out of Dubai, add ‘washing the car’ to your list of things to do before you leave to avoid returning to avoid a big bill.


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