Dubai has broken some impressive records this year and here they are

Guinness World Records 2018 has just been released and guess what? Dubai features pretty heavily in the the 63rd edition of the world’s authority on record breaking.

Here are the records broken by the city of superlatives in 2017:


Most mechanical energy produced by pedalling on static bicycle in one hour

static cycling guinness world record

We might have a rep for driving EVERYWHERE, but 300 record-breakers were happy to ditch the motors and cycle on 100 stationary bikes to produce 8,999 watt hours of energy in 60 minutes at Burj Park.


Largest stencil

Stencil guinnes world record

Big, bold and record-breaking. This trifecta of a piece of superhero art was produced by a stencil measuring 11.13m² (119.8 sq ft) and unveiled at the 2017 Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai. It took these talented artists three days to complete.


Largest flower arrangement/structure

Emirates airplane aeroplane Miracle Garden

Despite being a desert, Dubai managed to make the largest flower arrangement; a structure in the shape of an Airbus A380 aircraft was constructed in Dubai Miracle Garden and measures 72.95 by 78.34 by 21.98 metres. A must-see.



Most table-tennis ball bounces on a racket in one minute


French teenager Alexandre Mitterrand achieved 27 table-tennis ball bounces on a racket in 60 seconds during a GWR Live! event at Etisalat Beach Canteen in Dubai. Oh, and he was blindfolded at the time.


Just over the border: Sharjah has the world’s largest standing lantern

lantern guinness world record screenshot

At this point, nothing surprises us, but we want you to know that a wood and copper lantern measuring 13.09 metres (42 ft 11in) high and 5m (16ft 4.85in) wide was displayed at an event organised by Sharjah Asset Management.

The UAE as a whole set a whopping 24 records in 2017 and currently holds 190. Read all about them the 63rd edition of the Guinness World Records, which is available in stores on 7th September.

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