New Dubai traffic signs use emojis to address drivers

If the back to school traffic is making you see red, this smart idea by the RTA should dial down the road rage.

Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority has installed smart signs near five schools that use expressive emoticons to detect speed and send positive or warning messages to drivers. *smiley heart eyes*

The clever signs are equipped with digital screens that can show the speed of a vehicle passing through a school’s zone, along with happy and sad emojis that tip a friendly note to the driver.


A smiling face and “thank you” means the driver is within the set speed limit and if the motorist is above the limit then a frowning face with a message “slow down” is displayed to alert them.

Engineer Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “Phase I of the project was tentatively commissioned in five areas in the first week of the school year, including Muhaisnah 1, Al Mazhar, Al Wasl, Al Garhoud and Al Safa.”

Phase 2 will be rolled out to roads around other schools were speeding tickets have been issued, she added, warning that speeding could put students’ lives in danger.

Watch out for the messages coming up around Dubai and remember to stay in your speed limit!


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