Six things everyone in the UAE wants to know about the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 – your questions answered

Words: Anthony Permal

The iPhone and the UAE go together like peas and carrots (one for Forest Gump fans there). So, even though the response worldwide to the launch of the iPhone has been somewhat underwhelming, we hightailed it to the UAE launch yesterday (At 7am! On a long weekend too) at the Apple Store in Dubai Mall to find out the answers to the most pressing ponderings people in the UAE have about the new device.

True to form, some Dubai residents came to buy not one, not two, but in some cases up to 12 phones!


Here’s what you wanted to know about the latest iteration of the iconic smartphone:

What’s special about the camera this time around?

A lot. But more specifically, the iPhone 8 portrait mode has just set the benchmark for incredible mobile portrait photography. In the past, it’s the setting you scroll past to get to the others. Not anymore. As you can see in the video below, the new portrait mode offers a host of options to make your phone snap feel like it was taken on the latest DSLR camera. In fact, one setting called Stage Light even automatically blacks out the background and blends your subject into it, creating something that is worth 1,000 words indeed.

Is the face recognition unlock feature slow?

No. In fact, the response time we experienced was faster than the Touch unlock feature currently in use in other iPhone models. We looked at the phone, heard a small ‘ding’, and it unlocked itself. It took a whopping 0.3 seconds! We thought it may be a glitch, but when a friend tried our test model out, it didn’t unlock for them, even though they have the same hipster beard.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 3.27.15 PM


With so many additional features being promised, how’s the battery life?

From everyone we’ve spoken to who’ve used the device, the battery is an improvement on the iPhone 7. We can’t tell yet, as the battery was still alive and kicking after our use on the first charge – so far, so good.

What colour options are available?

Ah, yes. The standard Dubai question when it comes to the iPhone. Gold colour, yes. Rose, no. Not this time. It’s available in space grey, silver and gold. You can always bedazzle it (welcome to the 2000s!) to your heart’s delight though.


Is the back of the phone really made of glass?

Yes. The iPhone 8 comes with a glass back, made in partnership with Corning. This ultra-rigid, durable glass backing allows for faster wireless charging and zero antennae. It is also dust and water resistant to a point, putting this phone on par with other ambient-resistant phones on the market. Glass, as we all know, has a tendency to, well, break. Still, Apple wants us to know this particular glass is far more resilient than you might imagine and will survive most reasonable impacts.

Is the headphone jack really missing?

Yes. The airpod has landed, like it or not.


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