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You can finally ‘unsend’ your WhatsApp messages!

Oops… accidentally sent cat videos meant for your best friend to your boss?

Words: Zaheda Muntazir

Whatsapp has just rolled out its much-anticipated new ‘unsend’ update to save us from a lot of unnecessary embarrassment. According to Whatsapp’s updated FAQ  you can now delete messages you have sent to other people, meaning they will disappear off both of your phones.

However, you only have seven minutes to do this from when the message is sent. Also, if the message’s recipient is online and sees the message before you have deleted it, there is nothing you can do. Awks.

How do you use the ‘unsend’ feature? 

Simply tap and hold the message you wish to remove. A menu will pop up with a delete option. Tap ‘Delete for Everyone,’ and just like magic… it will be gone.

Except, the person will receive a message saying ‘this message was deleted’.

This is what it will look like:

WhatsApp delete

If the person is very curious, you might end up getting a lot of questions on what you wrote and it also won’t work if they don’t have the latest version of the free messaging service that now rules all our lives.

Maybe it is just better to own up to the cat video mistake.

giphy (1)

Still, we’ll be updating our WhatsApps for when we slip up too much.

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