Road safety in the UAE: we need to talk about tailgating

Tailgatiing reaction

Tailgating consistently features as one of the top five killers on UAE roads.

That’s according to a YouGov research study commissioned by QIC Insured and RoadSafetyUAE, an organisation dedicated to improving the driving experience in the region:

Of motorists surveyed in the UAE, 38 per cent either do not believe tailgating causes stress and distraction in other road-users, or do not care. 59 per cent of people said they never drive too close to the car in front.


The report looks at the pervasive reasons why people tailgate, which ages are more prone to the activity and how it can best be addressed.

Lack of knowledge is a key reason – only 24 per cent of respondents were able to name the correct stopping distance for traveling at 100 kph (56 metres, if you need a refresher).

A further 22 per cent earnestly believed that in good weather a stopping distance of only one car length would suffice.

The survey, which was carried out from 21st-28th August this year among 1,010 UAE residents, found that the trend was more common among younger drivers. The most common motivations were ‘slowness of other motorists’ and ‘running late’.

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Findings also confirmed that more than half of people (55 per cent) thought that education was the key to resolving the problem, with almost half (48 per cent) believing that increased police and radar presence would improve things.


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