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Uber to charge passengers waiting times

UBER Driver

Uber has announced a series of new policies that users really need to know.

The biggest change that is likely to affect many users of the popular on-request chauffeur service is that drivers will now be paid for waiting times.

What does that mean?

When a driver arrives at a pick-up place at the agreed time, the rider will start to accumulate charges after a short grace period. The exact time or the amount hasn’t been specified, but elsewhere in the world Uber has begun charging passengers after three to five minutes.

Fair if you consider the impact idling can have on a driver’s earning opportunities. But on the flip side, there has been no sign that Uber will be discounting services if the driver is late.

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Other changes

If the fare is a journey of more than 60 minutes, drivers get a notification so they can better plan their shift.

A new feature on the Uber app means users can chat with drivers over a messaging service – no more using up your text allowance or minutes to call them.

So, if you’re booking Uber for this weekend’s activities, make sure you’re on time.

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