The cost of driving in Dubai has just gone up


Changes to fees for vehicle registration and licensing in Dubai came into force on 1st December. Here’s what you need to know:

The restructuring was officially announced back in October of this year by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai.

Now it’s in force through the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), revenue raised by the extra costs for some services will be used to fund road safety measures.

The new costs broken down:

In Dubai, the cost of registering and licensing a new vehicle has actually gone down. So if you’re splashing the cash on a brand new motor, fresh of the production line, you’ll only pay AED 400 (compared to the old fee of AED 460).

There is a new charge of AED 350 for change of ownership (buying second-hand from a dealer or private sale). This amount is in addition to the AED 400 for the vehicle licensing. So, the total cost is now AED 750, compared to the earlier charge of AED 460.

There is a moderate increase from AED 330 to AED 350 for renewals. As well as the inspection charge (for vehicles over three years in age) of AED 170. Plus AED 25 per month late fee, so make sure you do it in plenty of time.

Transferring other country’s driving licence to the UAE will cost AED 600, up from AED 400.

Other charges introduced or increased:

  • Inspection fees for ‘a simple accident’ – AED 500
  • Issuance of black point or traffic fine clearance certificate – AED 100
  • Requesting a picture for a speeding ticket – AED 100
  • Traffic accident reports for hit and runs – AED 400.

A full list of fees and cost are on the RTA website, or call 800 90 90.


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