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Sheikh Hamdan needs volunteers so are you on board?

Would you give a day for Dubai?

The average persons spends 76 days a year browsing social media, six years of their life eating and 30 hours crying, so let’s turn that frown upside down and put our phones away.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum wants us all to spend at least a day giving something back to the country we call home.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, who’s affectionately known as Faza, made a call-out for volunteers on Instagram. “Are you ready to give back a #DayforDubai? Join me at to make a difference and reinforce Dubai’s position as a global city of giving and a center of tolerance and compassion,” he posted.

Day for Dubai Sheikh Hamdan

The initiative was announced by the prince at a meeting of the Executive Council of Dubai (he’s the chairman, FYI). He he told members: “UAE residents are characterised by goodwill and are constantly ready to offer a helping hand. The ‘Day for Dubai’ initiative is testament to residents’ loyalty and belonging to their community, and serves to show how humane and tenacious our society really is.”

As usual, Sheikh Hamdan is leading by example and spent the day collecting rubbish from the sea, along with school children who suggested the royal litter pick.

Litter Prince Hamdan

The city-wide movement is also part of the Year of Zayed and Year of Giving, which celebrate the humanitarian legacy of the UAE’s founding father.

Up for it? Go to, download the app and choose from volunteering categories including working with people of determination, children, wildlife, sports and more.


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