Want a work visa? The UAE now needs a good conduct certificate

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If you’re coming to work in the United Arab Emirates from next month, you’ll need an extra piece of paperwork.

Those applying for a new UAE work visa will need to get a ‘good conduct and behaviour certificate’ from their home country, or the country of their residency for the last five years.

The UAE’s Federal National Council outlined the move, which starts from 4th February, 2018. Committee members say it is “part of the UAE Government’s efforts to create a more secure community” and will “make the country one of the most peaceful in the world”.

Who issues the certificate?

According to government news agency WAM, authorities or police forces in the applicant’s home country.

Who won’t need a Good Conduct Certificate?

Tourists and anyone coming to Dubai on a visit visa don’t have to obtain the certificate, which must also be certified by the UAE’s missions abroad or attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

If you’re sponsoring your spouse or family, dependants won’t need a certificate of good conduct either,


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