Dubai Municipality busts another social media rumour: alkaline water

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Dubai Municipality and the case of the perilously acidic water

Social media helps us connect with one another, engage with news and post cat-based memes. But there is also the more sinister side too – using the web to spread baseless and unproven rumours.

Fortunately in this age of ‘alternative facts’, the Dubai Municipality rumour busting squad is on hand to do the hard work for us and sort out truth from fiction.

The latest challenge concerns claims about the pH levels of bottled/tap water in the UAE and whether they could be dangerous to our health.

Let’s look at the science

pH (which stand for potential hydrogen) is the scale ranging from one to 14 upon which acidity is measured. Seven is neutral, under seven is acidic and over seven is alkaline. It was claimed that water sources with acidic pHs can cause cancer or arthritis, where as water sources with alkaline pHs are responsible for a wide range of supposed health benefits.

What’s the verdict?

The findings of the investigation were entirely unequivocal.

Dubai Municipality said: “According to UAE and Gulf Standard No. UAE.S GSO 1025: 2014 for bottled water, the pH (pH) should be between 6.5 – 8.5.

“The number of hydrogen [atoms] in drinking water is a quality characteristic and has no health effect. The evidence is that the standard mineral water is not specified in the pH because it is a natural water that has its own acidity according to its origin.”

The truth team also reminds people that “scientific statement must be issued by specialists in the field” aka don’t believe everything you read on social media. Unless it’s posted by Dubai Municipality’s myth busting team.

Dubai Municipality rating – Fake News.

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