Fancy a free guided tour of Dubai?

Dubai Metro rush hour

Dubai Metro is a really useful way to get about, but did you know you can take a guided tour of Dubai by Metro?

Dubai Tourism has launched two virtual tours of the emirate so visitors and residents can learn more about landmarks and historic sites. ‘Metro Moments’ and ‘Al Fahidi Architecture Tour’ are available to download for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Pre-recorded audio is available in English, Chinese and German and uses GPS to guide listeners through Dubai in real-time. Both tours also come with a map to help with navigation.

Al Fahidi Historical District stock image

Find ‘Metro Moments’ on the VoiceMap GPS Audio Tours app. It uses real-time location to flag up attractions on the Dubai Metro route both ways between Dubai Airport Terminal 3 and The Dubai Mall. ‘Al Fahidi Architecture Tour’ focuses on the heritage-rich Al Fahidi District. Part of the Pocket Guide app, creators say it’s like having a real-life tour guide in your phone.

Both tours can be downloaded when you’re on WiFi and used offline.


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