Where to catch the snooze cruise – Ikea’s Nap Truck is coming


The Ikea Nap Truck is exactly what it sounds like; the Scandi homeware brand has built a mobile sleep solution for people to catch up on some power Z’s.

Words by Miles Buckeridge

The reported long term benefits of napping are many and have claims that are founded in scientific study.

Short bursts of sleep have been shown to improve alertness, efficiency, cognitive functioning and endow the individual with super powers. Ok that last one may have been a slight exaggeration. But it is worth noting famous proponents of the nap include: Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Napoleon, Albert Einstein and most babies.


Ladies and gentlemen: The Micro Power Nap

In fact in a study carried out by Ikea, one in three of us in the UAE feel that we’re not getting enough sleep. In particular, we’re looking at you – new parents, video gamers, cat-owners, perpetual worriers, Netflix bingers, students with assignments due in the next 48 hours and the ‘one last page’-rs.


“That 5,000 word assignment, yeah it’s nearly done, just another 5,000 words to go”

 So what’s the deal with this Ikea truck?

  • It’s a van that has been fitted out with a luxurious bedroom interior.
  • The vehicle will be travelling to various stops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, between 22nd February and the 6th March.
  • It will be providing quick 20 minute sleep sessions to nap fans and devotees of the snooze button.

When and where will the snooze cruise be stopping in Dubai?

23rd February  

10am-2pm: Al Barsha; 2pm-6pm: Barsha Heights; 6pm-10pm: Discovery Gardens

28th February

10am-2pm: International City; 2pm-6pm: Motor City; 6pm-10pm: Sports City, JVT, Jumeirah Golf Estate

1st March

10am-1pm: Al Quoz; 1pm-5pm: Greens; 5pm-10pm: Barsha Heights

2nd March

10am-2pm: Business Bay; 2pm-6pm: JLT; 6pm-10pm: JBR, Dubai Marina

6th March

10am-2pm: Al Barsha; 2pm-6pm: Barsha Heights; 6pm-10pm: Discovery Gardens

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