Drivers will save as fuel prices fall

Pinch punch, first of the month, but drivers won’t be feeling such a pinch in their wallets, as fuel prices have dropped.

From 1st March, we’ll all be paying a little less at the pumps to fill up our motors after the Ministry of Energy and Industry announced new fuel prices for the UAE, which include VAT.

Here are the per litre prices:

Super 98 unleaded is down to AED 2.33, from AED 2.36

Special 95 unleaded to AED 2.22, from AED 2.25

Diesel falls to AED 2.43 from AED 2.48

Petrol Prices

For two years UAE fuel prices have been inked to oil prices worldwide and are announced by the government at the end of every month. For comparison, at the start of January 2017, Super 98 was AED 1.91 a litre, Special 95 AED 1.80 and diesel AED 1.95

Should I use Special or Super?

The number (95 or 98) refers to the octane in the petrol. Super is said to be better for advanced sports cars, but motoring enthusiasts will enthusiastically debate this, so check your car owner manual for more info.

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