A discount supermarket chain has opened in the UAE

VIVA supermarket stock image shopping

In the country that prides itself on being a little OTT at times, we’re always looking for ways to save money. Step forward VIVA, the UAE’s no-frills supermarket.

Landmark Group, which owns Home Centre, Splash, Babyshop and Centrepoint, opened the first store in its discount supermarket chain. The store in Grand Avenue Retail, Sharjah, will soon be joined by another 11 shops across Dubai and Ajman.

Most of the products there will be on sale under Landmark’s own brand, similar to European deep discount stores like Aldi and Lidl. We’re promised prices could be 30 per cent cheaper than other food retailers and a home delivery service could be introduced too. Deals we’ve spotted so far include 30 eggs for AED 9.95 and shower gel for under AED 4.

As people become more conscious of their spending after VAT being introduced, it seems the perfect time to help shoppers slash their weekly grocery bill.

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