This giant chocolate egg is more than 2.5 metres tall

Easter Egg - Fairmont Dubai-min

You should definitely clean your teeth after tucking into this – Fairmont Dubai has created what they’re calling Dubai’s biggest chocolate egg.

Made from 80 kilograms of 55 per cent dark chocolate and standing more than 2.5 metres tall, it would take a pretty big hen to lay this polka-dotted mammoth number (and also one capable of somehow creating chocolate eggs, which pretty cool actually).

If you were able to eat all of it without eggs-ploding, you’d have packed in 436,000 calories – what the average person needs in 218 days. No yolk. Promise that you’re not going to take a bite, and you can inspect the egg in hotel’s lobby, until 8th April. There’s no charge to see it, so you won’t have to shell out.

Fancy recreating the Fairmont’s efforts at home? Overseen by the Fairmont Dubai’s Executive Pastry Chef Romain Castet, the hotel’s engineering and culinary teams took four weeks to handcraft the the 200kg centerpiece ahead of Easter celebration.

It’s not the first time the Fairmont Dubai has eggs-ceeded our expectations. The hotel’s AED 85,000 Valentine’s Day package made international headlines, hitting 10 on the wow factor for wooing with a stretch limo, helicopter ride over Dubai, diamond jewellery, steak dinner and night in the hotel’s poshest suite.

The luxurious Easter egg will be at Fairmont Dubai until 8th April. 04 311 8316.

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