Dupaws offers ‘Airbnb’ style solution for your pets whilst you’re on holiday

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It’s no secret that Dubai is home to thousands of animal lovers but animal welfare continues to be an issue as the number of stray and abandoned pets continues to climb.

Article appeared first on Abu Dhabi World

Aiming to combat the issue of abandonment and prevent unwanted pets from ending up on the street, a new service has been launched to help make it easier for pet owners to find care for their animals when they have to leave the country.

Connecting pet owners with animal lovers who can provide short-term homes, Dupaws.com offers an alternative to boarding services which are not only expensive, but also often reach full occupancy during peak holiday times.

Billed as an Airbnb for pets, the online portal allows you to find the perfect environment for your pet, and to negotiate a fair price for their stay.

“In the UAE, the situation is very difficult due to the number of animals in the country and the lifestyle of expats,” explains Mohammed Khomako of Dupaws.

“Since most people are leaving every summer for school or on vacation, where do we keep all these animals? How would shelters or boarding facilities cope with the amount of requests they get every day during this season?

“Pets that aren’t lucky enough to get a shelter end up being left in the streets or being put to sleep unnecessarily, which is terrible.

“With Dupaws you will get hundreds or even thousands of new households ready to board these pets. It’s the perfect fit.”

For more information, visit: dupaws.com

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