Deliveroo are launching a new ‘Try B4 You Buy’ feature for mobile orders (APRIL FOOLS)

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From today, the service will be available across all phone platforms,  allowing you to taste and smell product samples on your phone before hitting the purchase button.

Delving briefly into the science behind the development, Deliveroo’s chief tech engineer explained

“we’re quite excited about it, there truly is nothing else like it on the market at the moment. Deliveroo uses revolutionary new nano trans-olfactory software to manipulate frequency batches that are transmitted to the user’s phone and conveyed through to the output speaker, this causes the handsets to emit vibrations which fool human olfactory nerve cells in the roof of your mouth in to thinking they are experiencing tastes and smells.”

Deliveroo is the first company to roll out the service and says that it has been overwhelmingly popular in its test sessions. The GCC was one of the regions they were most excited about delivering the new function to, as the diverse food tastes in the area, often mean it’s difficult to choose between the varied delicious dining options.

For the moment the Try B4 You Buy service is only available on the smart phone app, but there are plans to develop the software further so that it can be applied to any internet-enabled platform.

A spokesperson from the brand added “if we can stop, even one argument of the:

“what do you want to eat?”

“I don’t mind, what do you want?”

– kind, we will have done our job.”

The new service goes live at 11.59am local time, and to take advantage of it you have to ensure your Deliveroo app is updated to iOs ApRf00L, or Android software version GoTTCHyA 2.0.

Did it get you too? YES, it’s an April Fool’s Joke – there is no such new technology – but did it fool you like it fooled us? – Please tell us in the Facebook comments section.


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