Dubai’s rumour squad investigates: the mysterious case of the plastic eggs

The mystery machine

Dubai Municipality have responded to another rumour circulating on social media: That plastic eggs are on sale in Dubai.

The rumour mill was being violently spun by a video shared across various social networking sites in the region. The clip shows eggs being cracked open and cooked in a frying pan – with what was reported as visible signs that the egg was not composed of natural, organic material (‘of chicken born’), but instead deliberately manufactured plastic with the malicious intent to deceive.

Dubai Municipality’s very own team of myth busters analysed the video and without the need for too much of a detailed investigation, came to the conclusion that:

There rumours were absolutely and unequivocally FALSE. Fake news.

I mean plastic eggs? Come on. Let’s put aside the financial implications that would be entailed by the large scale manufacturing of realistic looking fake chicken eggs versus the relatively cost-free industrial process of just letting a chicken lay an actual egg.

In the video, the eggs are cracked and poured into the pan, the material being emptied from the egg shells was liquid. At room temperature, plastic is solid. It only becomes a liquid after being exposed to temperatures of 80 degree centigrade or more. Case closed.

Proteins found in eggs, and other foods coagulate when subjected to heat and other catalysts, which cause changes in their structure and appearance.

This investigation was made by Dubai Municipality on behalf of the “No More Rumors” drive, launched by the Municipality to combat the proliferation of inaccurate information, which is spread through social media #No_More_Rumors



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