Free parking for holiday on Saturday

parking Dubai stock image

We might not be enjoying a long weekend but how does some free parking sound?

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that to mark the Isra and Mi’raj holiday, all paid parking zones across the emirate will be free on Saturday, except for the multi-storey car parks. Parking fees will start again on Sunday, 15th April.

On 14th April all the authority’s customer happiness centres will close, and there are changes to timings of public transport: the Metro Red Line will operate from 5am to midnight and the Green Line from 5.30am to midnight. The Dubai Tram will be in service on Saturday from 6am to 1am the following day. For revised bus and marine transport timetables, visit the RTA’s website.

 Did you know you can use your Nol card to pay for parking? 

To recap, Saturday will be a paid holiday for all (who are usually at work)‘Dry night’ will be observed between 6pm on 13th April to 7pm on 14th April and all hotels and entertainment facilities will withhold “celebrations and parties” in observation of the holy day.

Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj (or ‘Lailat Al Miraj’), is the holiday celebrating The Prophet Mohammed’s (Peace Be Upon Him) journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and his ascension to heaven.


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