Sharjah Museum to offer sign language tours

About The Museum. Bait Sheikh Saeed Bin Hamad Al Qasimi in Kalba f

Sharjah Museums is pioneering tailor made tours for people with hearing difficulties.

This week emirate’s museum authority launches its first sign language guided tour, led by people with hearing disabilities.

Deaf people trained as tour guides will show visitors around the artefacts at the museum, which include currencies, jewellery, pottery and weapons, some of which are more than 125,000 years old.

The first tour takes place on Monday, April 23rd from 4:30pm-6.30pm and will repeat once every three months. To book a spot, contact Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) at

Planning a road trip to Sharjah? The authority looks after about 16 attractions, including Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum and Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation. Also on your to-do list should be Al Majaz, Sharjah’s picturesque island entertainment hub, with its beautiful Romanesque amphitheatre and picture perfect shawarma joint, Eat Sol.

Monday, April 23rd, from 4:30pm to 6.30pm.

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